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Simply Unique

In 2014 BizjetMobile launched two flagship inflight connectivity systems: CHiiMP and KONNG.



The systems were made possible by the integration of three key elements:

  1. Mobile App technology
  2. Bluetooth
  3. Narrowband satellite link

The reception was positive from an industry stuck in the lethargic mire of expensive conventional inflight connectivity, namely Wi-Fi.

PrintCHiiMP delivered simple and affordable inflight text and email to pilots and passengers via an App.

KONNG provided real-time
information on passenger Internet data usage and costs, saving customers thousands of dollars. It also delivered App-based text and email.

A Trending Product

By 2016 BizjetMobile had proudly commissioned systems on over forty business jets worldwide, from Turboprops to Boeings. We made a global impact at trade shows such as NBAA and EBACE that assisted in promotion of the products.

In May 2016 BizjetMobile launched the world’s first Bluetooth Smart inflight connectivity solution.

CHiiMP Smart - the world's
CHiiMP Smart – the world’s first Bluetooth Smart inflight connectivity solution

CHiiMP became CHiiMP Smart – an intelligent upgrade due to the incorporation of Bluetooth Smart technology. Remarkably, it’s the smallest, lightest and most inexpensive connectivity system in the world.

The proficiency of CHiiMP Smart continued to grow to include both Apple and Android compatibility with the networking of up to 10 devices simultaneously.

Jetfly Selects CHiiMP Smart

BizjetMobile’s greatest accomplishment came at EBACE 2016 when European carrier Jetfly became the fleet launch customer for CHiiMP Smart.


Jetfly is a European carrier using a unique model of co-ownership to operate private travel services.

They selected CHiiMP Smart to be installed and operated across a fleet Europe-wide of more than ten Pilatus PC-12 aircraft.

Jetfly CEO Cedric Lescop said, “We chose CHiiMP Smart because of its simplicity, easy installation and low operating costs.”

“Our aircraft owners, crew and clients will now be able to stay in contact wherever and whenever they fly.”

BizjetMobile secures Jetfly as the launch customer for CHiiMP Smart
BizjetMobile secures Jetfly as the launch customer for CHiiMP Smart

To secure a fleet customer for CHiiMP Smart almost immediately was vindication that the business aviation industry was interested in exploring an alternative to Wi-Fi.

Next Time

North American Fleet Gets Smart

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  1. What does everybody do as soon as they land? Take their phones off airplane mode and start texting. Airlines should be all over this.

    1. Exactly right Peter. Passengers simply turn off airplane mode and continue texting as they usually would on their ground service. If a passenger receives a reply to their CHiiMP App number after they hit the ground, the message is diverted to their ground number and a summary of messages is sent to their email address as well to make sure the passenger has a flight log for future reference.

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