North American Fleet Gets Smart

A Shift in Focus

By the time EBACE 2016 drew to a close BizjetMobile had successfully launched CHiiMP Smart, the world’s first Bluetooth Smart inflight connectivity solution, and secured Jetfly as the fleet launch customer.

It was time to turn our attention back to the home of business aviation: the United States.

Did you know that business aviation contributes $150 billion to the U.S. economic output and employs more than 1.2 million people. What’s more, business aviation accounts for 15,000 aircraft in the U.S. alone, reaching 10 times the number of airports than airlines do (Source: NBAA 2015).

The home of bizav
USA: The home of Business Aviation

Over the summer we prepared to hit the ground running at NBAA November 2016 in Florida. NBAA presents us with another opportunity to show the world how BizjetMobile does inflight connectivity differently.

NBAA static display of aircraft at Henderson Executive Airport
NBAA static display of aircraft at Henderson Executive Airport Source: NBAA

Fleet Deal Breakthrough

On September 7, 2016 BizjetMobile announced the first North American fleet customer for CHiiMP Smart. It is a major achievement in the region for a revolutionary system starting to snowball its way around the globe.

The fleet customer is Emergency Airlift (EAL) – an aeromedical organisation utilizing jet aircraft to conduct global air ambulance and medivac missions. It’s global headquarters are strategically located in Southern Oregon, USA.

EAL: Your Life, Our Mission, Minutes Count Source: EAL

Why did EAL select CHiiMP Smart?

BizjetMobile met the expectations of EAL in terms of cost, reliability and simplicity of installation and use.

For an aeromedical organisation reliant on communication, CHiiMP Smart could deliver voice, text and email to up to ten Apple and Android devices simultaneously via a mobile App.

Apple & Android can be friends
Apple & Android can be friends Source: the next web

Pilots, medical crew and passengers can stay in touch with family and friends on the ground, enhance business communications and improve flying operations.

Emergency Airlift CEO Ed Langerveld said, “After four months flying CHiiMP Smart on a single aircraft, we recognised the simplicity of use and low-operating costs, prompting us to extend the system fleet-wide.”

“It will enhance our commitment to high-quality patient care by keeping our pilots, crew and passengers connected whenever they fly.”

CHiiMP Smart will be operated fleet-wide Source: EAL

What does CHiiMP Smart actually cost?

CHiiMP Smart is the most inexpensive Bluetooth Smart inflight connectivity solution in the industry.

With CHiiMP Smart customers receive an Iridium satellite phone, 12 months text and email plus 500 minutes of voice for only $9,990. This is a fully-fledged inflight connectivity system accessed via an App on your iPhone or Android mobile or tablet.

12 months free text and email plus 500 minutes voice

The cost is peanuts compared to expensive inflight Wi-Fi hardware and data services.

BizjetMobile Global Marketing Director Adam Chapman said, “For too long owners and operators have suffered high inflight connectivity bills with hidden costs.”

“The new CHiiMP Smart system and data package will put customers back in control of their spending.”

To find out more about CHiiMP Smart or for further pricing visit the website here. Or feel free to get in touch with us here.

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