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BizjetMobile is the world’s leading creator and supplier of Bluetooth Smart connectivity solutions for business jets. For the past decade we have worked to advance the technology of connectivity for the business aviation sector by providing the only viable alternative to the expensive Wi-Fi platform.

Since 2011 we have been successfully commercialising a range of connectivity solutions across a variety of aircraft globally, from turboprops to Boeings. Our flagship systems, CHiiMP and KONNG, have been commissioned on over fifty aircraft so far. We recently launched CHiiMP Smart, the smallest, lightest and most inexpensive inflight connectivity system, utilising Bluetooth Smart technology to deliver text and email connectivity – the most important communicative tools today.

The investment in ambition at BizjetMobile is matched only by our experience in product innovation & customization and customer care. The result? A range of unique inflight connectivity solutions that will ensure you remain connected wherever you fly.

We are industry leaders and industry experts. Through this blog we hope to add value to the aviation technology conversation by passing on this knowledge to you, our readers.

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